Everybody's Fine [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Everybody’s Fine [2009]

This family drama is much tougher than you think, or what the poster would like you to think. It takes a rather light approach to a very difficult story of dysfunctional and estranged family. Everybody’s Fine is actually a remake of an Italian movie directed by none other than Giuseppe Tornatore (Cinema Paradiso, A Pure Formality, MalènaThe Best Offer) with one of the greats, Marcello Mastroianni starring. Examining family bonds, the role of the father as provider who is not so involved in psychological development of his children but more focused on the “official” stuff, movie also sheds light on the circle of life and death.

Frank Goode worked very hard his whole life, trying to raise his four children. Doing so, he got sick, and as his end nears he wanted to check on his kids, so he tried to get them all to come to him.  But, busy as they are they all could not make it, so he decides to visit them. Very interesting subject of a relationship between father and his children and decisions that made in childhood would impact the later life. Very strict father pushed his children to make something of themselves, did he succeed you will find out if check out this flick. If you liked it, I think it’s only logical to check out the original Italian version from 1990. The exotic European vibe combined with phenomenal script and acting will make the time fly.

Director: Kirk Jones

Cast: Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sam Rockwell, Lucian Maisel

Fun Stuff: During the film, the character of Frank, who made his livelihood in telephone wire, uses land-line telephones (payphones, etc). The children all use mobile (wireless) telephones.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0780511/

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