Flight [2012] Movie Review Recommendation

Flight [2012]

When someone is really good in his work, no matter what role or genre he chooses, the movie will end up as something that will be remembered. Robert Zemeckis, known mostly for his action/comedy movies has often dabbled in more serious subjects, and I consider Flight his crowning achievement. He has baked a cake with a ton of layers, so that upon each viewing movie gains more and more flavors and you find something else great about it. Working with a relatively young writer John Gatins, he made a movie that has almost everything you would want and can’t be put in a specific genre. It isn’t a drama, nor an action film, and it certainly isn’t a thriller, although I think that that suits him best. Of course, Denzel was the perfect choice for the lead role, and he has done his job with such ease, proving once more his acting abilities.

Right from the opening scene that featured full frontal female nudity and extensive drug use I knew that this is going to be one those movies that you remember. Whip Whitaker is a pilot, but in addition to thatFlight Poster he is also an alcoholic and junkie. I’m sorry, scratch that, a functioning alcoholic and a junkie. Very skilled and professional at his work, he manages to perform his duties admirably and still get trashed when he gets off. He is also having a relationship with one of his subordinates, a very sexy and seductive flight attendant Katerina Marquez. One day, after an usual evening of sex, drugs and rock and roll, they both head towards the airport for their usual duties. At the same time, the plane, apparently fully operational and functioning is waiting for them, anxiously. And then in the middle of the flight…

I will leave the rest for you to find out, not to spoil those goosebumps that you will feel in the first part of the movie. Yes, this movie has literally two parts, the first one I would call Flight and the other one the real Flight, or is it the other way around? While in the first part we are treated to a more action oriented storytelling, the second is all about the struggle with the choices Mr. Whitaker has made and is continuing to make. The most important scene for me in the entire movie was the one with the fridge towards the end. Such a powerful scene, and with such a powerful message, no words to describe it…

As a final note I must ask the question whether Whip could do what he did if he wasn’t high as shit?

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Cast: Nadine Velazquez, Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Kelly Reilly, Charlie E. Schmidt

Fun Facts:  When the audience is first introduced to John Goodman’s character, he’s listening to “Sympathy For The Devil”. This song also appeared in Fallen which also starred him and Denzel Washington.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1907668

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