This is a very interesting movie, with two big layers we can dig in. The first one is the classic movie layer: so Friends with Money is a movie about life, marriage and most of all relationships between spouses after a long period of time. The second one is the “real” layer or how the viewers perceive it. Since it is critical and subversive, the very people it’s trying to enlighten will find it difficult to watch. And even if they watch, they will probably discard it because to acknowledge it fully is to admit that there’s something wrong with you, your life and ultimately, the world around us. Of course, only from the standpoint of “old yourself”, because there’s nothing wrong with you, your life and the world around us. The concepts of right and wrong cannot be applied in such a way, there are explanations but they are too lengthy for this review, so we better get back to the review. This is a well written and constructed movie, highlighting the end of the American Dream and its most important revelation: when you finally reach it, you will have to wake up.

Friends with Money [2006] Movie Review Recommendation PosterMeet Olivia, a single maid trying to make ends meet in the big city of Los Angeles. Her three best friends are all rich and married, so Olivia, a former teacher, is now the outcast of the group. On the outside, that is. Once you dig a little deeper into their lives, you found out that things are actually not so great. And eventually you start to wonder, who has it better?

The first thing you’re going to notice about Friends with Money is how sharp and witty dialogue is. The next thing will be performance by an all-star cast, with Keener and Anniston stealing the show with their honest and strong performances. McDormand was also great and gave us an opportunity to see her in something with almost the same vibe as Fargo but with a different story. I almost forgot to mention that this is not one of those “female only” movies. I think that by now, you already know my taste and that I usually don’t watch those melodramatic emotional masturbation movies. Fucking indy dramas, right? This is not one of those movies, it’s very deep and yet interesting to watch, which is a very difficult thing to accomplish. Another thing that might be interesting is to gauge your own life in relations to lives of these four fine young women. So, if you’re up for some introspective fun, check out this great movie.

Director: Nicole Holofcener

Cast: Catherine Keener, Joan Cusack, Greg Germann, Jennifer Aniston, Frances McDormand

Fun Facts: This was Jennifer Aniston’s first film after a very public breakup with Brad Pitt.


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