He Was a Quiet Man [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

He Was a Quiet Man [2007]

Very strange flick, with viewers divided into two groups, one who think that the movie is utter garbage and other who praise it.he was a quiet man Truth is, as always, somewhere in the middle, but my personal opinion is that it is really good. Again, as many movies before (Office Space, in a comedic style, Falling Down, in a more serious style) He Was a Quiet Man is trying to capture the feelings of an average man trapped in a routine. Not to mention the meaningless job (at least to him). This is basically the explosion of a mid-life crisis and coming to terms with your own mortality. This inevitably entails the checks and balances part of the coming to terms. And when we get to that part, you can bet that someone is going to feel cheated and treated unfairly (I shake my fists at skies above). Christian Slater did an excellent job portraying this type of person, who could tell that he could pull off such a performance fifteen years ago.

A man on the edge, hating his life, job, colleagues, and everything in between, will, after some unfortunate events, try to look at things from another perspective. What conclusions will he draw is up to you to find out. I guess some of us will identify with the character of Bob Maconel, and that will give us an insight about ourselves. Although humorous at times, this is still a serious movie that tries to tackle alienation in a modern world and twisted values that it upholds. Cinematography adds another layer of quality, very clean and visually appealing. Enjoy.

Director: Frank A. Cappello

Cast: Christian Slater, William H. Macy, Jamison Jones, Cristina Lawson, John Gulager

Fun Facts: The entire movie was shot in only 21 days.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0760311/

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