Coming to us from famous Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Brain Dead, Bad Taste) this touching movie made a big impact when it was released in 1994. Based on true events it depicts the intense relationship between two young girls that would have a tragic outcome. Set in the fifties where if two girls were more than friends they were considered almost crazy; Heavenly Creatures has a uniquely artistic approach. That especially shows in the segments that Pauline and Juliet show in their imaginary land…

It is really surprising to see Peter do something like this after splatter horror movies, but I guess the fact that the events took place in New Zealand had something to do with it. Although the poster says thrilling, the pacing is rather slow but never dull or boring. The lesbian relationship aspect of the story has lost some of its controversy in today’s world, but only at a first glance. Don’t worry, that age old hatred is still there. I mention this because this is not a movie about lesbians but a movie about love. Actually the entire movie seems to be shot from a third perspective, first one being the two of them and second one being the public. Third one is best described as an imaginary friend of the two girls who kept filming them while they were within their bubble. Love will make you do all sorts of things and if you wanna see what that looks like, check out Heavenly Creatures.

Director: Peter Jackson

Cast: Melanie Lynskey, Kate Winslet, Jed Brophy, Peter Elliott, Darien Takle, Sarah Peirse

True Events: Parker–Hulme murder case

Fun Stuff: Almost all locations used for filming were the genuine locations where the events occurred. The tea shop where Honora Parker ate her last meal was knocked down a few days after the shoot ended. According to director Peter Jackson, when they got to the location of the murder on the dirt path, it was eerily quiet; the birds stopped singing, and it didn’t seem right. So they moved along a couple of hundred yards.


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