This is another Larry Clark fucked up movie, this time with lots of nudity and strong sexual content. The first one was Kids, a controversial story about a group of teenagers in New York City doing all kinds of stuff. The thing with his movies is the following: both the story and the visuals are extreme and less explored motives in mainstream cinema. For example, Ken Park features scenes that could be classified as pornographic with not just full frontal nudity, but the actual intercourse shown in full. This is something that will evoke emotional reactions from the viewer, disabling him from clearly discerning what the fuck is going on. Whether you consider this a gimmick or a “trick” used to mask the lack of “real” content or you think they realistically shown what’s going on, the result is the same. Mind you that most of the population watches pornography on the internet and we all agree on that. There are four elements here: controversial story, controversial visuals, reaction – it’s a trick, reaction – it’s real. Both of the reactions are happening at the same time and both of them are valid. You cannot talk about sex properly without taking into account the intense emotions and visual stimuli. Both these elements are present in reality too. Now that we cleared that up a bit, we can move forward with the review of this coming-of-age movie.

Ken Park [2002] Movie Review Recommendation PosterKen Park is a movie about five teenagers going through some very difficult periods in their lives. Some of them are being sexually abused by their parents, some of them are abusing someone else, but all of them are generally fucked up. We witness these events and the impact they’re having on our characters.

No one fucks you up like your own family. Ken Park tries to show us what’s going on there, without explanations why. This is what bothers people, things are not explained in the usual, mainstream style cinema where you have clear conclusions. What you are left after this movie is the knowledge that these fucked up things are happening all over the world right now and will be happening in the future. Our inability to fix the characters in the movie or in real life is truly frightening and then it’s easy to say: well this is just emotional masturbation and I don’t like that. It wasn’t Larry’s responsibility to figure out a solution for all this shit. I think by now, you have decided if you’re going to watch the movie, I recommend it and if you’re looking for something similar but with a more developed, European vibe check out Paradise: Love.

Directors: Larry Clark, Edward Lachman

Cast: Adam Chubbuck, Eddie Daniels, Wade Williams, Tiffany Limos, Eddie Daniels

Fun Facts: The film was refused classification by The Office of Film and Literature Classification and is currently banned for screening in Australia as of June 2003.


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