Although religion is not my cup of tea, I found this movie to be fascinating. It is full of positive contrasts and things that are rarely seen in movies of this genre. First of all, Luther had a big budget that enabled it properly show life in 16th Century Germany, and everything that comes along with it, although its subject is not something that will make people rent it (I mean the average Joe would not). Next to that, we have a phenomenal cast with Sir Peter Ustinov and Joseph Fiennes, and lets not forget Alfred Molina who played Tetzel’s role superbly. It says something when people who are religious and lutheran agree with atheist on this movie. I mean, costumes and scenes are so well put together that you can feel that atmosphere very vividly.

This is a story Martin Luther, a priest who shook the tree of religion, hoping that the rotten apples will fall of its own from it (he had to smack them down instead). He had radical new ideas that contradicted official church teachings and he struggled all his life to help the common people in understanding and practicing religion. An entwined mess of politics, power and religion rooted in the 16th century world is something that he tried to demystify and eventually eradicate, all for the benefit of the christians. That being said, I still cannot decide is this movie pro or anti-religious. Surely if there were more people like Martin throughout the history, I think that the church and christian religion would be totally different from what we see today. If you are interested in history and religion this movie is a must see, enjoy.

Director: Eric Till

Cast: Joseph Fiennes, Alfred Molina, Peter Ustinov, Jonathan Firth, Claire Cox

Sad Facts: Sir Peter Ustinov’s final film.


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