Shrink [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Shrink [2009]

Shrink is a movie that’s hard to categorize and label. Yshrinkes, it is a drama, but there are a lot of humor in it too. It is subtle, but still present. Henry Carter is shrink who suffered a personal tragedy and is having trouble dealing with it. The more you know, the harder it gets to deal with something emotional because you can consider its full scope. His celebrity patients are very colorful characters with strange problems of their own, trying to get better with his help. As an answer to his problems, Henry starts to smoke weed in large amounts, trying to cope with the loss of his wife.

Compelling story, excellent script and magnificent Kevin Spacey are incentive enough to check out this movie. His bitter and satirical remarks make half the movie. Especially when you consider that it’s about people who are not having financial difficulties like 99% of the population. The ultimate perversion of the infamous saying that money doesn’t buy happiness. Money enables happiness, and in this particular case, money is being used to buy happiness as medication, both legal and illegal, they were using to achieve happiness isn’t working anymore. Very well constructed plot, with interesting side stories (Robin Williams), is working on many levels, although my personal opinion is that the end represents compromise with the mainstream movie industry. I think it should have been much darker and more fucked up. Anyway, great movie, check it out and be patient with it. Shrink moves slowly and methodically, giving you enough time to delve deeper into the characters and situations. Enjoy.

Director: Jonas Pate

Cast: Kevin Spacey, Mark Webber, Keke Palmer, Saffron Burrows, Jack Huston, Robin Williams

Fun Facts: The scooter is in fact a moped since it is only 50 cc and qualifies as one.


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