The Other Man [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Other Man [2008]

The Other Man is a movie THe other manabout infidelity and all the fucked up stuff that appears when it happens. It seems to bring out all the insecureness in both men and women, changing their relationship and personalities quickly. Directed by Richard Eyre, this is slow-burner with a very intense atmosphere generated by a flurry of emotions released during these things. Unlike Unfaithful, here we are treated to a chess game between Liam and the other man, bringing a whole dynamic to the table. Still, this movie feels a bit underdeveloped, without those breaking and intense moments to spice up the sluggish pace. I know that this is supposed to be a battle of wits, but the movie never decided whether it’s going to be a classic adultery thriller or deeper character study.

Lisa (Laura Linney) and Peter (Liam Neeson) lived a happy life, and Peter was quite satisfied with his life. Little did he know that she has a dark secret. A strange looking email will trigger his imagination and determination to find out more. I just hate those passionate guys that are able to sweep any women of her feet, and Liam is up against one of them. This is a drama so do not expect some explosions and gun fights, although there is some action. Anyway, a really good movie, definitely worth watching, especially if you like those slower movies where you can add your own narrative. Centered around such an enticing subject as adultery, the possibilities are endless. Most of the people take the story and replace Liam with themselves, testing different aspects of their relationship. Not to mention their own ego.

Director: Richard Eyre

Cast: Antonio Banderas, Liam Neeson, Abigail Canton, Laura Linney

Fun Facts: Laura Linney replaced Juliette Binoche


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