This Aussie western flick is truly the strange one. First of  all, the script has been written by Nick Cave (the singer, if you do not know who he is you better find out), secondly it has a very special atmosphere. The barren Australian outback looks depressing and alien even now, just imagine how it must have looked like in 1880s. I think that people were caught by surprise when they first saw violence and gore in this movie, so they reacted emotionally, labeling it too provocative. Grow up guys, sometimes we need a slap in the face to wake up from this horrible dream that we call life. Everything is raw and without moral prejudice, and this will anger the old school western fans who are used to seeing distinctly bad or good guys.

Four brothers Burns are hardcore criminals that spread terror and destruction wherever they go. After two of them have been captured by the Captain Stanley he proposes to the older one to find the eldest of them and kill him within the nine days and they can both go free. The scenes of the rough and inhospitable wilderness, difficult choices and overwhelming melancholy are beautiful and very emotional. Bonds between family members, loyalty and justice are exposed through the choices of the gritty characters. Not to mention the colonization of the continent with the native population in huge problems that will eventually lead to its demise. So many great themes to explore, so enjoy in this already cult movie.

PS. In retrospective, this movie might have started that new western revival with more and more movies focused on real and visceral depictions of life in the west.

Director: John Hillcoat

Cast: Ray Winstone, Noah Taylor, Guy Pearce, Mick Roughan, Shane Watt, Danny Huston

Fun Stuff: The wardrobe was handmade to be as authentic as possible and even the buttons were all handmade for the film.


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