A fucking masterpiece. There are no words to explain theyoung poiseners handbook complexity of the events that are unfolding in The Young Poisoner’s Handbook and with what simplicity those events are portrayed to us, viewers. Story is somewhat based on a true events, but a bit altered. Pitch black, this drama that’s actually a comedy is so subversive and charming that it will make you feel things that you shouldn’t feel (according to the official system of values). Most of the population consider people like Graham just crazy, writing off any further analysis of him or his reasons. And he must have them, so I think that the proper approach is to analyze how come this guy is so fucked up. Not just because you want to recognize these people in real life, but also to better understand concepts that are constant in our lives (murder, death, fear…). Only with knowledge we will light our way.

The story follows the life of Graham Young, a teenager who finds his passion and inspiration in chemistry and especially making poisons. Inspired by this movie and the performance of Hugh O’Conor as Graham Young a kid in Japan tried to imitate him and did it with success. Graham, without any moral values and respect for life itself, will try improve himself as a poisoner in every way, and that will cost some lives. The Young Poisoner’s Handbook, although it’s a sad and disturbing movie, has a comical and cheerful underlining, something that years of British dark humor can only make. Enjoy in this awesome movie.

Director: Benjamin Ross

Cast: Ruth Sheen, Roger Lloyd-Pack, Hugh O’Conor, Norman Caro, Dorothea Alexander, Paul Stacey

Fun Facts: The film was not screened at many local cinemas, due to the tone of the film, and out of respect for the surviving victims, and the relatives of the dead.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115033/

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