Based on the novel Triage by American veteran war correspondent Scott Anderson, this movie shows us just how much shit is going on beneath the surface. The ability to deal with sights of sheer terror and death is something that one does not attain or practice. It begins as a curse, slowly evolving into a blessing without ever losing its cursed part. We just make the blessing part a bit bigger so that we can continue with our lives. Although Triage deals with war, this concept can be translated into any disturbing scene that you have witnessed. Director Danis Tanovic who was born in former Yugoslavia was an obvious choice for this movie, with his intimate knowledge of the dread and terror that war imprints on people. Another interesting aspect that we can see here is the fact that if you’re a war photographer, you look at the whole thing through a lens. That lens may make things look closer, farther or a bit different but that fact pertains to the photo, not the photographer.

It follows two photo reporters that find themselves in Kurdistan, in the war zone. Documenting struggles of the rebels against Saddam, they are in a position to see some disturbing scenes. Upon his return one of them is traumatized by the events that have taken place there, or in any other war zone where he has been. The other one is still missing. Colin Farrell was excellent; I guess an alcoholic man with a heavy burden is his perfect part. Enjoy.

Director: Danis Tanovic

Cast: Colin Farrell, Christopher Lee, Branko Djuric, Myia Elliott, Kelly Reilly, Jamie Sives

Fun Stuff: To prepare for his role, Colin Farrell shed 44 pounds to achieve a skeletal-like thin appearance that surprised both reporters and close friends. To obtain this look, he reportedly lived on black coffee, Diet Coke, and tuna.


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