Although his previous movie Black Sheep was a beautiful bloody mess, Jonathan King decided to take a different path with this one. Based on a book, Under the Mountain has a more of children’s flick feel to it. The idea and the script are very good, and with a decent budget, this movie, visually really looks great. I don’t want to mention The Lord of The Rings trilogy, but I have to because this movie feels like they wanted to make something similar, on a budget. The thing that made Under the Mountain stand out among countless copies is the fact that it’s based on a novel. This gave enough identity and depth to make it engaging, at least to some of the audiences (younger). They will probably miss the problems with dialogue that seem to occasionally surface during the movie and enjoy in a bit slower pace.

Evil beings called Wilberforces have tried many decades ago to destroy the Earth with the help of giant monsters called Gargantua. However, the Fire Raisers trapped them under the lakes and volcanoes of New Zealand. Somehow The Wilberforces awoke from their slumber and now they threaten to turn Earth into an inhospitable place where no human can survive. Earth can save the only remaining Fire Raiser and the twins that have to banish this evil into oblivion. As I said, great effects, great story, but the suspense is missing, still this movie keeps the attention of the viewer, enjoy…

Director: Jonathan King

Cast: Sam Neill, Matt Gillanders, Gareth Reeves, Oliver Driver, Sophie McBride, Madeleine Sami

Fun Stuff: Remake of TV series “Under the Mountain” (1982) – Kirsty Wilkinson, the former child actress, who originally portrayed Rachel, made her cameo appearance as Mr. Jones’ Neighbour.


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