I just love closed environment movies! Cramped in a small room, a couple of characters try to escape/survive and show the best and the worst in them. Although they have to be well written, most of these movies are a great study of character and the claustrophobic vibe just adds to the tension. ATM is one of the better examples of how you don’t need big budget or actors to make a great movie. The first half hour of the movie is quite dull and boring, the rest is very intense and nerve-wrecking and totally makes up for it. It’s like they tried to improvise some events leading up to the fact that they are going to be trapped in an ATM, hoping that this will help us to get the know the characters, but as they are pretty much average stereotype males and females, I think that this was redundant. As far as the plot is concerned, a lot of the reviewers complained about the plausibility of it and the decisions that have been made by prisoners of the ATM, you have to remember that this is a movie and something has to drive it forward, and everything can be easily explained with enough thinking (or just human nature (stupidity)).

David, Corey and Emily are three coworkers having a good time at their company’s party. David is trying to pick up Emily and when he finally manages to convince her to go with him, Corey steps in to hitch a ride home. After a bit of driving they decide to go for a late dinner, and then they realize that everyone is broke. That makes their next stop a lonely ATM in parking lot. Once they enter it, their carefree night will turn into a fight for their lives, as a crazed murder places the chair in front of the ATM room and decides that no one is leaving it, alive…

Director: David Brooks

Cast: Alice Eve, Josh Peck, Brian Geraghty, Aaron Hughes, Omar Khan

Fun Facts: Margarita Levieva was rumoured to be cast in the film, before production began.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1603257/ 

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