Black Sheep [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Black Sheep [2006]

This movie continues what Peter Jackson started with Braindead Layout 1and Bad Taste, a horror movie with a hilarious premise. Sam Raimi did the same thing in the States with his Evil Dead trilogy. This time that premise is something both scary and funny: killer sheep. Let’s get something straight, this movie is not some B-movie rubbish, the production values are great and the special effects (along with make-up and other stuff) are done really professionally. New Zealand is world famous for its healthy population of sheep, with over 39 million sheep living peacefully in the country (a count of about 10 per individual). They took this element and combined it with horror to create this dynamic. With a long history of similar movies where animals attack humans starting with Long Weekend, continuing with Razorback and finally ending with two movies about crocodiles Rogue and Black Water, Australia and New Zealand have rocked this sub-genre from its long slumber.

Henry Oldfield returns to his father’s farm years after the incident in which his brother scared him to death with a dead sheep. Ever since that incident he has a sheep-o-phobia, and when he returns to try to cure his worst nightmare will come to life. Genetic experiments (asparagus…) have turned meek and gentle sheep into a furry killing machines, and there is 20.000 of them! I am just going to say this: killer sheep! You do not need anything else to interest you to see this awesome movie. Lots of gore and funny situations make this movie a cult classic that will be long remembered, enjoy…

Director: Jonathan King

Cast: Matthew Chamberlain, Nathan Meister, Nick Blake, Oliver Driver, Danielle Mason

Fun Facts: Special effects were done by Weta Workshops, the same crew who did the Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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