Creepshow 1982 Movie Scene Zombie coming out of his grave to eat the living

Creepshow [1982]

Based on a script written by none other than Stephen King, Creepshow is a fun and stylish horror anthology. It features five juicy stories of varying quality. However, all of them combined make for one hell of a movie where even if you don’t like a certain segment, the next one is not too far away. Although these sorts of movies are all the rage now, back in the eighties this was something quite new. There were just a couple of similar movies like Tales from the Crypt [1972] and From Beyond the Grave [1974].

Creepshow is actually an homage to a series of horror comic books that came out in the fifties and were highly influential. All the stories we’re about to see offer something different and unique. And all of them feature phenomenal actors like Ed Harris, Leslie Nielsen, Ted Danson, and even the writer himself, Stephen King in all his glory. Remastered and featuring excellent practical effects by Tom Savini (Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Friday the 13th), the movie is available both for streaming and on Blu-Ray.

Now, while I know that horror fans are going to enjoy this movie immensely, there’s a lot of stuff here for other movie fans too. The script is very well written with a lot of jokes and bizarre situations. Depending on your taste and preference, I’m sure you’re going to pick your favorite story in no time. So, let’s talk a bit about them.

  1. Father’s Day – The story of revenge and justice (and zombies) is revealed in this first segment. And I am guessing it is very popular in Florida.
  2. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill – A redneck adventure with the weed and a King twist. The inspiration comes from Lovecraft’s story Color Out of Space.
  3. Something to Tide You Over – A story about love, revenge and zombies, written by Mr. King specifically for this movie.
  4. The Crate – A monster hidden in the mysterious crate starts its rampage on unsuspecting characters…
  5. They’re Creeping Up On You! – Arguably the best story in the set. Upson Pratt is a bastard that is very afraid of dirt, disease and germs. However, he will soon get his fair portion of them…

Unlike so many other, similar movies, the sequel to this one is also fucking great. Creepshow II came out in 1987 featuring three stories of dread and horror. Finally, if you’re looking for more modern horror anthologies I recommend you check out Ghost Stories, Trick ‘r Treat and The ABCs of Death.

Director: George A. Romero

Writer: Stephen King

Cast: Hal Holbrook, Stephen King, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Robert Harper, Fritz Weaver

Fun Fact: The cockroaches were the most expensive part of the movie as one of them cost about $0.50. Altogether they spent around $125.000 on these scenes alone.


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