Although a bit older, this classic movie needs to be checked out, especially if you are a horror movie fan. You just need to see the directors and the writers name to be intrigued (George A. Romero, Stephen King). Through the Creepshow series you can see the progression of horror movies, and the first part is representative of the late seventies horror movies. It consists out of five stories, each very different in its setting, vibe and plot. As you probably guessed the script is perfect since it is based on Kings short stories, and with the Romero’s directing this movie is really refreshing. I think that the most important thing here was the fact that these short stories were adapted into short segments of a single movie and not five fucking movies, which would probably happen if the series were made after 2000. Here are the stories featured in this movie:

  1. Father’s Day – The story of revenge and justice (and zombies) is revealed in this first segment that I am guessing it is very popular in Florida.
  2. The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill – A redneck adventure with the weed and a King twist. Actually Stephen King plays the Redneck.
  3. Something to Tide You Over – A story about love, revenge and zombies, written by Mr. King especially for this movie.
  4. The Crate – A monster hidden in the mysterious crate starts its rampage on unsuspecting characters…
  5. They’re Creeping Up On You! – Arguably the best story in the set. Upson Pratt is a bastard that is very afraid of dirt, disease and germs, but he will soon get his portion of them…

Be sure to check out the sequel Creepshow II from 1987, it is also great, enjoy…

Director: George A. Romero

Cast: Hal Holbrook, Stephen King, Ted Danson, Ed Harris, Robert Harper, Fritz Weaver

Fun Fact: Stephen King had an allergic reaction to the makeup he had to wear for Jody Verill’s transformation. He was subjected to shots and medication “so the work would be bearable.”


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