This is a classic eighties monster flick, and after all this time it’s still very watchable. Critters belongs to one of those movies that are gaining popularity as the time passes. Stephen Hereks’ directorial debut hit the spot and Stephen continued hitting it with his next movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The man was fucking eighties. Now let’s talk a bit about the movie, this is still a review. It’s about critters, furry monsters with a set of razor-sharp teeth who decided that their favorite meal are humans. After their ship crashes on earth they will wreak havoc on the residents of a small village. There are no explanations or deep background plots of intergalactic (supergalatic?) terror for anything that happens in the movie. They basically started with a premise: we want a movie with furry critters who are from outer space and cannibalistic in nature. Make it happen. After 2006, when the cost of production dropped significantly we got an opportunity to watch hundreds of low budget horror movies, but almost none of them were any good. However, in the eighties…

The special effects are cheesy, plot and dialog are also very simple and at times unintentionally funny but that is the charm of this movie. The last critters movie came out in 1992, a fourth installment in the series. Very entertaining and funny this horror movie has a soul and it is very fun to watch. Sure, it obviously borrowed most of the elements from the Gremlins that were released four years earlier, but Critters never denied this, working more as a combination of homage and commercial enterprise than a rip-off. Enjoy.

Director: Stephen Herek

Cast: Dee Wallace, M. Emmet Walsh, Billy Zane, Lin Shaye, Scott Grimes, Art Frankel

Fun Fact: There are only 2 deaths on-screen, all other characters are simply just ‘harmed’.


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