Fucking crazy Swedes! They’re not Swedish, they’re Norwegian! First time I saw Nazi zombies was in a British flick Outpost starring Ray Stevenson. Nazi exploitation movies also must mention here. Starting with Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, that was released back in 1975 there have been a number of similarly themed movies, however, none of them featured zombies. Most of them were set in prisons and were heavily sexually oriented. Now back to this little gem. What’s beautiful about Dead Snow is the fact that you don’t have to know any of the actors or any of the crew, but you can be certain that this is going one hell of professionally done movie. Everything was done by the book, starting with that mesmerizing cinematography. The contrasts between the whiteness of the surroundings and redness of blood and gore were simply mesmerizing and almost artistic. Don’t know why, but I remembered Limbonic Art, a black metal band from Norway (A Venomous Kiss of Profane Grace still kicks ass). This is basically a horror comedy that’s willing to go over the top in the best Peter Jackson tradition (BrainDead, Bad Taste).

Død snø (aka Dead Snow) [2009] Movie Review Recommendation PosterSeven friends decide to spend their Easter vacation away from college and the noise of the city. They arrive at small cabin located in the mountains, hoping for a memorable and relaxing weekend. They start drinking and soon they meet a mysterious hiker who warns them of a terrible history that this place has. During the Second World War, Nazis were stationed here and they actively harassing and torturing the locals until they rebelled and pushed them further into the mountains. As the hiker left and everybody started to get ready for some long deserved sleep, one of the guys hears a strange noise coming from underneath the cabin…

You can already notice that Dead Snow is not an original movie. It borrowed a lot of elements from Evil Dead franchise, but it had enough original ideas to remain in the realm of homage. This is a fun movie that’s leaning more towards the horror than a comedy. This is most definitely not a new Shaun of the Dead, but something much more serious. However, to say it’s not funny would be a lie. It’s also extremely refreshing to watch European film-makers doing their thing, especially when compared to formulaic and ultimately stale Hollywood scene. Perfectly balanced and done with care and love, Dead Snow is a movie for all the horror fans who will appreciate all the small details and the rest can enjoy in one of the best fusions of horror and comedy.


Director: Tommy Wirkola

Cast: Charlotte Frogner, Ørjan Gamst, Stig Frode Henriksen, Vegar Hoel

Fun Facts: Originally it was going to be called “Rød Snø” (or Red Snow in English), as an homage to the Swedish/Norwegian mini-series with the same name.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1278340/

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