Daybreakers [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

Daybreakers [2009]

The latest Spierig brothers’ movie kicks ass! It is not as funny as their previous flick Undead from 2003, but it delivers on many levels. First of all, the story is quite original with few interesting twists, after that we have the main thing about this movie and that’s the visual quality that is truly amazing. Innovative style of directing, and very brutal and in-your-face action scenes are things that I am sure we will enjoy and in their later movies. The cast is great, Ethan Hawke was just screaming to be casted for the role of a vampire, and our old vampire friend (The Vampire’s Assistant, Shadow of the Vampire) Willem Dafoe did his job at the usually well.

In the year 2019, almost everyone on Earth is a vampire, and the rest of the humanity is being hunted and farmed for blood. But when the blood supply starts to get critical, it is up to Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) to find the solution. Oh yeah, I almost forgot 😀 , left without human blood vampires turn into horrible and violent creatures called subsiders (what a fucking cool nickname). So just relax and enjoy in this great flick featuring vampires because lately we have been eating those cock-meat sandwiches from Hollywood and they were pretty disgusting. Being an Ozploitation flick, Daybreakers offers a totally different approach to age old vampire thing and if you’re interested in seeing more of these movies here’s a short list: Wolf CreekRogue, Wyrmwood, Bait

Directors: Michael Spierig, Peter Spierig

Cast: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill, Isabel Lucas, Michelle Atkinson, Christopher Kirby

Fun Stuff: The makers of the movie hosted a contest in (famous photo manipulation-contest site) to come up with images of how the world would look if nearly everyone were a vampire.


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