Devil [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Devil [2010]

Devil is the latest M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, although it is directed by John Erick Dowdle it still has that Nighty vibe. On a first glance this movie seemed perfect for me, a group of people crammed in an closed space (elevator) with Satan among them. Sadly, Devil turned out to be one of the weakest Night movies, although it certainly cannot come close to The Happening or The Last Airbender. Something was just missing, he was trying too hard to replicate his previous movies and their incredible successes. Devil is by no means a bad movie, but I think it could have been much better, based on its premise. What makes this movie work is that claustrophobic and suspenseful atmosphere, along with the constant game of guessing who the fuck is the Devil. This should keep you entertained throughout the movie, as the suspense rises. This is the first in his The Night Chronicles trilogy, which involves the supernatural within modern urban society, and the next one is Reincarnate.

Detective Bowden is still grieving about the death of his wife and daughter in a hit-and-run five years ago when he gets called to a investigate a suicide. Apparently some guy jumped off the building with no apparent reason, meanwhile in the same building, five people get stuck in the elevator. Soon after tension starts rising as they all don’t know each other and are trapped in a small space. Not to mention that one of them is the Devil. Detective Bowden must figure out how to save them with his unusual side kick a religious nut who works security in that very same building.

Director: John Erick Dowdle

Cast: Chris Messina, Logan Marshall-Green, Jenny O’Hara, Bojana Novakovic, Matt Craven

Fun Facts: Number 666 references: the building number is 333 (666/2), the elevator number is 6, and stops on floors 23 to 42 (2*3=6, 4+2=6), When the hockey match on TV turns on right after the elevator stops, the time of the match is 1:42, (4+2=6), the floor that Sara wants to go to is 42 (4+2=6), the floor that Ben needs to go to is 39 (9-3=6).


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