First of all, I did read this comic when I was a kid, not a lot, but still enough to remember the main characters and the story. Now, this movie tried to do an almost impossible task of making a good comic adaptation on a limited budget, hence the changes with the setting and characters. And I cannot stand that pointless drivel about the comic and the adaptation and yadda yadda. Still, this movie looks pretty big budget, the effects are very good, especially towards the end. The make up was also excellent, you could really feel the goo. Next in line is PG-13 rating, that has both positive and negative sides, but I think that they at least could have used more blood. And the good side is that with this rating movie still has zombies, body parts, and many more things that seem really cool. The cast was a bit surprising, considering the genre. Still, I really liked Sam Huntington as Marcus, Dylan`s comical, zombie sidekick, and Dylan isn`t too shabby either. Mixing horror, noir and comedy this movie seemed aloof at times but still with a pretty serious core story which worked out great.

Dylan Dog is a private detective working meaningless cases with his assistant Marcus, haunted by his terrible past. When someone is haunted by his past you can expect death of a girlfriend/wife/fiance and this is the case here also. But when he gets a case with a very attractive damsel in distress, Dylan will find himself again in a world of zombies, vampires, werewolves and many more creatures, trying to uncover the assassins of the damsel’s father. In his efforts he will slowly start to uncover something else, a conspiracy that may end with terrible and catastrophic consequences. Who is behind the murder, who was Dylan Dog in his past and many more questions will be answered if you check out this flick. Enjoy.

Director: Kevin Munroe

Cast: Brandon Routh, Sam Huntington, Peter Stormare, Taye Diggs, Anita Briem, Brian Steele

Fun Facts: The story is set in New Orleans instead of London as in the original comic


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