This British horror does not have humorous thing going on, unlike a couple of recent movies that combined the now popular horror/comedy mixture. It is really frightening and intense, because of its realistic portrayal of events and personalities that we encounter in a movie. It reminded me of Ils but still, this is a totally different category. A fucked up thriller/horror flick. There are three important elements here: the young couple, their attitude towards the world and finally the world’s response to that attitude. The couple aspect brings us closer to the characters since almost all of us have gone somewhere with partners. Their attitude, frighteningly seems to be morally and otherwise sound and right, however the world’s response is brutal relentless. The identification with characters and their system of values makes the movie that much engaging.

A young couple is hoping to spend an interesting weekend at an abandoned quarry, but a gang of local teenagers will intervene. Eden Lake is sometimes even unpleasant to watch because of the intensity and shit, but it still makes you really excited. You will keep thinking, if I was him or her I would… And with excellent script and acting from Reilly and Fassbender, who was just rising, Eden Lake will pull you in for an emotional ride that’s actually worth the effort because you have the opportunity to see events unfold in a way that was not so predictable.

Director: James Watkins

Cast: Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender, Tara Ellis, Jack O’Connell, Finn Atkins, Jumayn Hunter

Fun Stuff: Although the entire movie is set and was filmed during summertime with leafy trees and lush undergrowth, the additional aerial filming was obviously carried out in fall and repeatedly shows sequences with leafless vegetation and all the foliage lying on the ground.


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