After seeing Los ojos de Julia I decided to check out the first Guillem Morales movie El Habitante Incierto, and it was an amazing experience. It’s really rare to see such an original and interesting movie, especially nowadays, and I doubt that any remake could achieve the atmosphere of the original. Everything is perfectly logical or illogical, depending on your point of view, and Morales is going to be another star director much like Guillermo Del Toro. Not following any cliches, but experimenting with different genres (horror, drama, thriller, comedy) director divides the movie into three sections. The first one was an introduction, a bit slower than the rest, but after that, El Habitante Incierto gets so interesting that you listen and look for even the smallest detail in an effort to figure out the story.

Felix is an architect who’s going through a bad break up with his girlfriend. Still in love with her, he lives in a large mansion, still with her stuff in the house, hoping that she will come back to him. With this pretty unstable mindset one night he lets in a stranger to make a phone call, after which he disappears (the stranger, not Felix). And after that everything starts to fall apart, is someone in his house hiding, or is it his mind playing tricks on him? This unpredictable, superb and unique movie just blew me away, and you just have to check it out, enjoy…

Director: Guillem Morales

Cast: Andoni Gracia, Mónica López, Francesc Garrido, Agustí Villaronga, Minnie Marx, Fina Rius

Fun Facts: Remade as The Uninvited Guest (2011)


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