Fritt Vilt AKA Cold Prey [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Fritt Vilt AKA Cold Prey [2006]

I think that we have a new genre emerging from Norwegian cinematography, a Norwegian Snow Slasher Horror. fritt viltMuch like the Dead Snow, this movie based its story on a group of friends stranded in a remote hotel surrounded by nothing but snow and mountains. Acting is amazing, and it just shows that this type of movies can be a blend of blood, good acting and mayhem. There are a lot of trinities in this movie, let’s start with three main elements: First one: friends, one location and evil forces; Second one: Shining vibe; Third one: every slasher cliché. Combined together and presented to us through a different, Swedish (They’re not Swedish, Mac…) lens, Cold Prey is a breath of fresh air showcasing Roar Uthaug’s skills.

Everything starts out as a very exciting holiday for bunch of friends, but after one of them breaks his legs, group finds retreat in an old hotel in the mountains. Although it seems abandon, they will soon realize that it`s not. Production values are good, and in combination with beautiful sights of Norwegian mountains are really visually stunning. Contrast between all that white snow, symbolizing the lack of official structures, and faded facade of a wooden building added to this feeling. Suspenseful and engaging, Cold Prey sets up the atmosphere for the slaughter perfectly. Also, try to get the version with native Norwegian language, it is much better, enjoy in this really suspense movie. I did say a lot of Norwegian in this review…

Director: Roar Uthaug

Cast: Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Tomas Alf Larsen, Endre Martin Midtstigen, Viktoria Winge

Fun Facts: Lead actress of the movie Ingrid says: Horror films leave me so scared and I can’t sleep for days.


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