Frontière is another example of great horror movies coming to us from France. This time the director Xavier Gens decided to make his mixture of a classical American Texas Chainsaw/Hills Have Eyes movie. After the riots in Paris, a group of young delinquents are trying to reach border and get to Amsterdam with some stolen cash. On their way they will stop at a restaurant near the border. I guess you know that this is the worst (and maybe the last decision) in their lives. At first, their hosts (interesting looking family) will seem friendly (maybe too friendly if you know what I mean), but soon they will show their true face. Although the main story is familiar, Xavier managed to create an original and very uncomfortable atmosphere that I had a feeling was suffocating me at times. The tension and violence was palpable, but a pacing was a bit off in my opinion. It varied throughout the movie with parts that were too slow or storylines that felt out of place.

There is a decent amount of gore and blood, and as in any other French horror (apart from a female hero character) some weird torture techniques and fucked up scenes. The effects are good and this is not some low budget blunder. It amazes me that we have so many fucked up French movies, that are pushing the boundaries of the relatively mainstream cinema. The dialogue and characters could have been better, especially when it comes to those small decisions that we all make in a relatively rational way. Still if you like this type of movies this one is definitely for you, although it is not close to Martyrs

Director: Xavier Gens

Cast: Karina Testa, Samuel Le Bihan, Estelle Lefébure, Aurélien Wiik, David Saracino

Fun Fact: Banned in Thailand for its violence.


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