After a salvage crew discovered an Italian deluxe ship called Antonia Graza, that has been missing from 1962, something strange will start to happen and they will soon discover that the ship is not ghost shipso abandoned as they initially thought. Directed by Steve Beck (Thir13en Ghosts so you probably know his vibe) and featuring Gabriel Byrne and Julianna Margulies in lead roles, this atmospheric horror flick from 2002 is really worth watching. If you already saw it, you will probably remember the infamous wire scene that is seen throughout the modern cinematography in different forms (I think I saw something like that in The Cube for the first time).

Banking on the abandoned ship, Bermuda triangle, Philadelphia experiment and ghosts this movie managed to incorporate all these elements into something relatively original. Effects are good, and production values are high, so get the movie and prepare to be jumping of your seat, because this is one of those jumpy horror flicks. And what this means is that the story will be a bit slow, so that that aaaa effects is amplified. This is a pretty cheap trick, and I think that they should have gone with the atmospheric thing all the way. Actually, originally the movie was conceived as a relatively bloodless psychological horror about four salvage crew members who turn against one another after being stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean aboard the remains of a cruise ship (The Chimera) believed to have been lost in the 1960s. Enjoy.

Director: Steve Beck

Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Julianna Margulies, Ron Eldard, Desmond Harrington, Karl Urban

Fun Facts: The scene on the foredeck where the Captain and the passengers were dancing, and the scene in the ballroom, was a common tradition at the time near the end of a trans-Atlantic voyage. These were usually held as the ship approached the end of the trip, near the coast and these Balls were called the “Captain’s Ball”.


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