Grabbers, I mean the title says it all, a nasty, not so little, things that grab and kill you. You already know what to expect: a good mixture of comedy and horror, kinda like Shaun of The Dead. This time the writer decided to add a twist to the usual aliens attack a remote, godforsaken village, with the story being set in the Ireland, so you can count on a lot of Irish humor and jokes. The special effects are really good for a movie of this budget and when we add to that a decent cast led by Richard Coyle (Coupling, Pusher) this movie becomes something that you must see. To maximize your viewing pleasure it is best to stock up on alcohol and all the other goodies and gather bunch of people who wanna have fun.

Grabbers PosterCiarán O’Shea works as a local police officer on an Erin Island, off the coast of Ireland, drinking and enjoying his quiet little life. The first sign of trouble is, of course a woman, Lisa Nolan a rookie cop assigned to him for further training. The second sign was the falling of the unknown object in the sea near the island and from there things just go to shit. Local fisherman soon catches a strange animal, and as it turns out, there are plenty of them in the sea. As people start getting scared Ciaran will have to step up and save the day along with his pretty sidekick Lisa…

When I first saw the poster and played the movie, I thought that it’s going to be just another version of Tremors, but I was proven wrong. Grabbers is a good example of how a good concept can be turned into an entertaining movie, without much philosophy and bullshit. The formula is pretty simple, and although this movie decided to go with the no naked people concept, it is still awesome. I mean, come on, just the fact that the only way to ward off aliens is to… Well, check out the movie, and see for yourselves…

Director: Jon Wright

Writer:  Kevin Lehane

Cast: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, David Pearse, Bronagh Gallagher, Louis Dempsey

Fun Facts: Before shooting director Jon Wright took actors Richard Coyle and Ruth Bradley out drinking and filmed them while drunk. Ruth Bradley discovered many quirks about herself while drunk that she used in her performance.


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