Getting mediocre reviews all around, Husk seems to be another straight to video flick looking for a quick buck on the same premise as so many before him. It uses the setting of a corn field and an old house, and those two are guaranteed to look scary, especially at night. Of course, how we can forget a bunch of college friends with a broken car, that’s a must have! It has the atmosphere of the horror movies from 2001-2008 when it was enough just to set the story in some lonesome farm or anywhere remote with a bunch of fuckable teens, so it has that comfortable vibe about it, like an old T-shirt that was worn a thousand times but you still like to occasionally wear it. Definitely it’s not that T-shirt with a band or something that you wear after a while and feel awesome, but just an ordinary shirt. Enough about shirts, lets get back to the movie, the directing is pretty good, not very innovative but just classical good old directing (no weird camera angles or nothing). Effects and the entire look of the movie is great and it feels like a big budget enterprise, although it is definitely not, and when we add to that a good story we got ourselves a watchable movie.

Five friends driving around, stop near a cornfield after the attack of some rather strange crows (it already sounds too corny), and soon one of them goes missing. With a broken down car and no cell phone service they start to panic and look for help. Of course near the cornfield is an old farmhouse, which seems abandoned. But soon they will realize it is not, and in fact that this place is a mystical area with hints of ritualistic practices. Alone and afraid for their lives they try to keep it together, but, as always, different personalities and ideas tear them apart first as a group, and later as living beings… One of them is having visions about the history of the farm and the horrible events that once happened there that led to the scourge that is upon them now…

Director: Brett Simmons

Cast: Devon Graye, Wes Chatham, C.J. Thomason, Tammin Sursok, Ben Easter

Fun Facts: Part of After Dark HorrorFest: ‘8 Films To Die For’


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