Husk 2011 Movie Scene CJ Thomason as Chris immediately after crashing his car with a crow still in his windshield

Husk [2011]

Husk is one of those mediocre horror movies perfect for one viewing. The story will feel very familiar as most of it is taking place in an old house near a corn field. At night. I wonder where have we seen this before? And how could we forget about a group of friends driving somewhere when their car suddenly breaks down. So, not only you can watch Husk as a straight-up horror movie but you can also make fun of it along the way. The characters are stereotypical and we already talked about the story. However, there’s a reason why all these elements are present, they simply work.

The setting is creepy and the atmosphere lively. Plus the whole thing has this heavy aughts vibe with just the Dark Castle logo missing. It all feels very familiar and cozy, like an old t-shirt you just love wearing from time to time. We don’t have to wait much before the action kicks off which is another huge plus. Special and practical effects look convincing enough like they belong in some much bigger production. The cast was solid, led by Wes Chatham whom you might remember from The Expanse and Hunger Games.

Five friends were driving through beautiful and picturesque rural Nebraska when suddenly they were attacked by crows. Luckily, they survive the attack, crashing the SUV in a ditch near a corn field. However, now there are just four of them as Johnny, who was in the passenger seat, is missing. With no cell phone service and no way to help, they head for an old farmhouse to try their luck there. And this will turn out to be a huge mistake.

The director Brett Simmons said that he was inspired by Jeepers Creepers and you can definitely feel that. 1988’s Scarecrows was also an inspiration although I haven’t seen it so I can’t say anything about that. The killer looks really cool and Husk offers a little bit more twist than your usual horror movie when it comes to characters. And what I mean by that is that you’re probably going to lose the game who’s going to die first. Not to mention in what order. So, that’s another fun thing about it. 

Featuring a short running time of just 75 minutes and excellent pacing, Husk is a great choice for a warm-up movie or for those nights when you’re looking for something familiar and entertaining. And if you’re wondering what movie to watch next do check out some of the classics like Wrong Turn, The Hills Have Eyes 2006, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 and Wolf Creek. That last one is really fucked up, just so you know. Fucking Aussies, they really know how to make a good horror movie.

Director: Brett Simmons

Writer: Brett Simmons

Cast: Devon Graye, Wes Chatham, C.J. Thomason, Tammin Sursok, Ben Easter

Fun Facts: Part of After Dark HorrorFest 2011: ‘8 Films To Die For’.


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