Jeepers Creepers [2001] Movie Review Recommendation

Jeepers Creepers [2001]

This is another good, mainstream horror movie. As I already mentioned in some of the previous reviews, it belongs to that “turn-of-the-century” wave of horror movies along with Darkness Falls, Thir13en GhostsWrong TurnGhosts of Mars and Jason X. It features sharp directing, great practical effects and sleek cinematography. I’ll just hang on those visuals for a bit, because I saw the movie almost eight years ago and I still remember some of the scenes and special effects. Not to mention the fact that this was professionally done mainstream monster flick, a rarity in this day and age. Finally, we are not left with some inept directors or actors who are just going through the motions. Starring Gina Philips and young(er) Justin Long, casting was spot on here. Actually, director Victor Salva was so scared of Jonathan Breck during his audition for the role of the Creeper that he got the part immediately. And the Creeper is the fucking Creeper and not some CGI monstrosity. We are not at that point in time where CGI created monsters could replace the real ones.

Jeepers Creepers [2001] Movie Review Recommendation PosterBrother and sister, Trish and Darry are on their way home from college. They, of course, decided to drive across the country, because that’s the best way to get killed. As they were driving through Florida, an old truck fucks with them a bit on the road. They later see the same truck parked near an abandoned church and after witnessing some strange stuff happening, they decide to investigate. This will be a wrong move…

Jeepers Creepers is an entertaining and exciting creature horror movie. It never left the confines of the mainstream, so there are no fountains of blood or some fucked up psychological angles. Sure, the whole thing feels like you have seen it a thousand times before with inquisitive college kids, creepy trucks and many other cliches, but this is the definition of a guilty pleasure. The truck, the iconography and basically everything else is neatly packed and ready for consumption. We could use the definition: carefully constructed commercial creature movie. Lastly, there’s just one more aspect to cover: writing. I just loved the writing here, it wasn’t the usual “oh my god”, but it was more realistic and in tune with the characters, so the movie doesn’t suffer from that lame-ass atmosphere where you’re just waiting for the creature to appear. There’s a sequel Jeepers Creepers II, so check it out, it’s also good and it features more shots of the Creeper than the first one.

Director: Victor Salva

Cast: Gina Philips, Justin Long, Jonathan Breck, Patricia Belcher, Brandon Smith

Fun Facts: The original title was “Here comes the Boogeyman”.


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