European zombie movies are usually bleak and brutal, and Mutants is no exception. It features beautiful cinematography and excellent make-up effects, further accentuating the grim atmosphere of zombie apocalypse. Although Mutants seems painfully simplistic it’s much more complex if you take the time to examine what’s actually going on. The reason why we usually miss this is the fact that this has been examined in almost every zombie movie. Examined to the point that it feels as if everything has been said about the very process and its consequences. Dealing with our mortality, lack of moral standards in today’s society and finally empathy, Mutants, perhaps inadvertently, asks a more fundamental question: is it worth it? What would remain of your personality in a catastrophic event like this? A bit slower pacing will leave enough time for you to answer these questions.

In a zombie infested France, a paramedic and her husband made their way to an abandoned hospital. They have both been bitten, and now it is only matter of time when they will turn into a flesh hungry zombies. Working the zombie angle, as well the love angle between spouses, director David Morlet creates a very intense mixture. Moral choices that have to be made involve the viewer in the movie even more. Production is very good, and it has that famous French richness of color, this time those colors are usually red or gray. Cast is pretty good, with a more character lead than a pretty girl trying to fight of zombies (did someone say Resident Evil). Enjoy.

Director: David Morlet

Cast: Hélène de Fougerolles, Francis Renaud, Dida Diafat, Marie-Sohna Conde, Nicolas Briançon

Fun Stuff: The film was shot in a bleak Picardy, scorched in snow and sluiced down in gray.


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