Directed and written by Thom Eberhardt (The Night Before, Without a Clue) this overlooked eighties gem is pretty entertaining. Although not scary, it’s pretty good with the whole post-apocalyptic representation of the world. The unlikely survivors of this apocalypse are also another nice addition to the script, that, when looked as a whole, is pretty damn good. And the cast is also well picked, starting with ubersexy Catherine Mary Stewart, whom you might remember from The Last Starfighter or Weekend at Bernie’s and continuing with also sexy Kelli Maroney. The effects are pretty much the same as in any other eighties movie, but the atmosphere is something that i liked here. Usually, when this type of global disaster occurs, the mood of the movie is rather gloom and dark. Night of the Comet took a different path with a more relaxed and dare I say fun vibe when it comes to the end of the civilization as we know it. Fuck, if you were one of the few lucky enough to survive the first wave of whatever hits us, you should feel very lucky.

After a mysterious comet passes close to Earth two hot girls living in Los Angeles will discover that almost everyone has been vaporized by it. All that is left of them are ashes and their clothes. But that is not the end of their troubles, as some people were partially exposed to whatever comet radiated and are turning into zombies, hungry for human flesh. They will have to try to survive in this odd, new world, with some help from an another male survivor eager to help.

Director: Thom Eberhardt

Cast: Robert Beltran, Catherine Mary Stewart, Kelli Maroney, Sharon Farrell, Mary Woronov, Geoffrey Lewis

Fun Facts: The original working title for the film was “Teenage Mutant Horror Comet Zombies”.


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