Outpost 2008 Movie Ray Stevenson aiming a gun with Richard Brake in the background

Outpost [2008]

If you’re looking for that gritty zombie experience, Outpost is the movie for you! An elite squad of mercenaries, Nazi experiments, and a decent amount of gore are just the perfect ingredients for a really interesting horror. This is an example of how to make an effective and good–looking movie with a relatively low budget, but with lots of inspiration and desire. Nazi zombies are now becoming a new trend, with several relatively good movies being released in a span of just a few years.

The best of them are Dead Snow and Town Creek, with Sucker Punch, War of the Dead and Code Red trailing behind these intriguing originals. Outpost features a gritty atmosphere, lots of gore and great acting. Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone, Rome series) and Richard Brake (Doom) were leading the charge with the rest of the cast doing their best to catch up. Ray is just so fucking good, so commanding and serious that he could have carried the entire movie alone. Mostly set in dark bunkers, crawling with Nazi zombies, you can feel that claustrophobic vibe that makes the movie even more intense.

What seemed like an easy job for DC and his crew soon turned to fight for survival. It all sounded good, scope out an old bunker, and take any valuables to the surface, in and out. Of course, nothing is easy in war-torn Eastern Europe. There’s a lot of guns, crazy guys, and people looking to get rich quick. However, DC took the mission and assembled a crew of experienced soldiers. Plan is an incursion into the no man’s land where the bunker is located. They found it easily enough, but once in, they started hearing strange sounds and movement in the shadows…

I guess Predator is the first movie that I saw with this Military personal against the supernatural. There are several worthy entries in this subgenre, although Dog Soldiers stands out as one of the best. Outpost features a lot of elements that I like: closed environment, zombies, Ray and Eastern Europe. Not to mention that it’s interesting to watch from beginning to end. The pacing is really good and the story did not take any hits because of this, considering the fact that this is a zombie horror movie. With the over-saturation of the zombie genre, this might be one of those movies that you will come back to. Especially considering that there’s already a sequel in the works. Enjoy.

The future is now and two sequels titled Outpost: Black Sun and Outpost: Rise of the Spetsnaz have been released. So, check them out if you want to continue your journey into the dark and damp corridors infested with zombies.

Director: Steve Barker

Writers: Rae Brunton, Kieran Parker, Steve Barker, Rae Brunton

Cast: Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Richard Brake, Brett Fancy

Fun Stuff: When DC pulls out the pistol from its holder in the generator chamber, its sound is identical to Return to Castle Wolfenstein (2001) (VG) when the player swaps weapons.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0892899/

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