Perfect Creature [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Perfect Creature [2006]

Utilizing a different approach to vampire stories, this 2006 movie could have been a classic, but due to untrained directing itperfect creature remains only a great flick. Set in an alternate past of the 1960 in which the vampires walk amongst humans and help them in their daily lives, it focuses its story on a renegade vampire who started to kill and suck humans (for blood, you naughty reader…) and his brother who must find and kill him. They did not go wild with the main story but the rest of the world in this movie was designed very diligently. This enabled the viewer to immerse itself into this strange alternate world filled with humans and vampires, nearing noir genre. And this type of movie beats Twilight any day, it is a heresy to even compare the two.

The acting was very good, and I especially liked Dougray Scott in his role as Brother Silas. Although the budget was not very big, movie pulled of good visual quality, especially the sets are convincing, but in action sequences you can see the lack of money and quality equipment. This did look a bit distracting, and I think that if you already don’t have the money to make the action scenes look good, then try to find a way around this problem. Providing elaborate stories about past and present, this movie presents a different and interesting world, that if you are interesting in Vampires would check out. If you are looking for more strange vampire flicks check out Abel Ferraras The Addiction, enjoy…

Director: Glenn Standring

Cast: Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Scott Wills, Stuart Wilson, Craig Hall

Fun Facts: In this movie, Lilly carries a Japanese Type 14 Nambu semi-automatic pistol and Det. Jones carries a German Model C96 “Broomhandle” Mauser. These very unusual pistols – particularly the Nambu – are virtually never seen outside WWII movies.


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