Perfect Creature 2006 Movie Scene Dougray Scott as Silus firing a special steampunk gun

Perfect Creature [2006]

Perfect Creature is not your classic vampire movie. It offers phenomenal world-building, good storytelling, and an immersive atmosphere. The story takes place in an alternate, steampunk reality, similar to our sixties. This gives the movie a Gothic, almost noir vibe and creates opportunities to go nuts with the story. In this strange world, vampires and humans live together, maintaining a frail relationship. I don’t want to reveal too much as these are some of the best aspects of the movie. Let’s just say we will be following a police investigation that will force unlikely characters to work together.

Despite the smaller budget, Perfect Creature looks pretty good. Coming to us from New Zealand, it offers a refreshing perspective on a genre now dominated by a completely different type of movie. And yes, I am talking about the Underworld franchise starring Kate Beckinsale. This is a slow-burning mystery using familiar elements to build something different. I think that the director and writer of this movie Glenn Standring wanted you to fully immerse yourself in this magical realm. Stylish vampire escapism at its best. And since the movie isn’t pinned down by any genre, it moves freely between them.

This is why it feels a bit disjointed although, if we’re speaking honestly, the direction could be better. The whole vibe reminds me of the 2001 movie From Hell starring Johnny Depp as the police detective trying to catch Jack the Ripper. However, Jack the Ripper appears to have supernatural abilities. A similar game of cat and mouse will unfold here as well but with a vampiric twist. I also have to mention Mutant Chronicles, another steampunk oddity, you might want to check if you like this setting. 

Genetic experimentation has led to the creation of a new breed of homo sapiens. These so-called vampires now coexist with humans in relative harmony. But the trouble is not too far away. In Jamestown, police are on the trail of a vicious killer. A killer who seems to be a vampire, feeding on his female victims. And to catch this particular serial killer, Capt. Lilly Squires is going to need some help from the most unlikely place.

Since Perfect Creature is technically a steampunk vampire movie, expect some cool gadgets and contraptions. Similar to those we’ve seen just a year earlier in a much more ambitious project, Van Helsing. There’s even going to be some pretty believable CGI sprinkled on top. Now, some of the action scenes are not that great but the atmosphere remains juicy and immersive throughout. Plus, you can always lose yourself in this dreamy and, at times, nightmarish fantasy.

The main characters were sufficiently developed and thanks to the dedicated cast, expertly brought to life. Dougray Scott gave an excellent performance as Brother Silas. And the same goes for delightfully unhinged Leo Gregory as Edgar, the main bad guy. All in all, Perfect Creature is a refreshing vampire movie with a short running time of just over 85 minutes. So, be sure to check it out. And if you’re looking for an even more obscure vampire movie, the Russian oddity Night Watch is a good choice.

Director: Glenn Standring

Writer: Glenn Standring

Cast: Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Scott Wills, Stuart Wilson, Craig Hall

Fun Facts: Perfect Creature is a movie featuring some pretty strange guns. Lilly is armed with Japanese Type 14 Nambu semi-automatic pistol while Jones carries a German Model C96 Mauser also known as the Broomhandle.


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