Ravenous [1999] Movie Review Recommendation

Ravenous [1999]

Ravenous is one of the few horror movies with a very original story, RavenousPoster9-9-05not watered-down by bad performances of the actors, the budget or the desire to make a cheap slasher flick. However, the filming started out with director Milcho Manchevski leaving the set. Robert Carlyle suggested Antonia Bird who directed one of his best movies Priest replace him. After this change, everything just fell into place. Bleak snow environment, lack of official structures and the sheer struggle for survival in inhospitable terrain of  Sierra Nevada takes us back through time to a place where life was cheap. There are several incidents that happened around that time in Southern California, with the two of them being the most famous ones: The Donner Party and Alfred Packer. Ravenous is also one of those movies with supercool opening sequences. About two or three minutes in, I knew this is going to be one hell of a movie.

Capt. John Boyd, after getting a medal for courageous (cowardliness) acts in American-Mexican war in 1847, is sent to a remote fort in California, where he will encounter old Indian legends, involving stories of cannibalism. Although there’s not that much gore in a movie, there were some really intense and disturbing scenes (when it comes to cannibalism, there are no cheerful or easygoing scenes), but the whole movie is full of black humor. Really weird music suggests the directors desire to make a movie that would be both scary and funny. In the end, just a word or two about acting that was glorious. Guy Pearce and Robert Carlyle drove this movie forward, taking breaks only to make blackest jokes. The supporting cast followed. Ultimately, a character study, Ravenous is one of those movies that you simply have to check out. Just one line from the movie: It`s lonely being a cannibal, tough making friends. Haha. Enjoy this spectacular movie.

Director: Antonia Bird

Cast: Guy Pearce, Robert Carlyle, Jeremy Davies, David Arquette, Jeffrey Jones, Neal McDonough

Fun Facts: It is 25 minutes into the film before Guy Pearce’s lead character, who is in virtually every scene, utters his first full sentence.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0129332/

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