Razorback 1984 Movie Giant boar watches a man who fled to the top of the windmill scene

Razorback [1984]

Fucking Australia, mate! Coming to us from a country where everything is trying to kill you, Razorback is a movie about a giant wild boar. Now, you surely remember all those photos with huge boars that went viral a couple of years ago, so I decided to do a little research about them. Over the years people claimed that they shot a wide variety of huge wild boars, with only one passing the Rabbit Reviews bullshit detector: Hogzilla.

Fuck yeah, it’s called Hogzilla, and it actually weighed 800 pounds (360 kg) and was between 7.5 and 8 feet (2.25 and 2.4 m) long. This is just one confirmed case, and you can continue your quest on google, now back to the movie. As a classic example of Ozploitation, Razorback stood the test of time with its realistic setting and characters. This is still a B movie, but a very well done B movie. It’s based on a novel of the same name, written by Peter Brennan.

Jake Cullen died that night, and a new man was brought back from hell, a man with only one thing on his mind: Revenge. After a huge razorback stormed through his house, killing his grandson, Jake devoted his life to hunting. This is how he meets American wildlife reporter Beth Winters, doing a piece on hunting in Australia. Both of them will soon meet the true meaning of the term hunt…

Leave it to the Aussies to make an intriguing and yet simple movie about a killer pig. And to do it all almost unintentionally is bordering impossible, and yet it’s true. If you scratched Razorback from the movie, it could be a fucking drama or a very intense fucked up thriller about some shady characters living in the underbelly of the underbelly. Exploring everything attached to the hunting industry from the act itself, over hunters to finally factories using whatever means they can to make a profit, Razorback has one hell of a setting.

Well, I could have just said Mad Max setting, but taken to whole other level with everything happening actually happening all over Australia and many other countries. Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes explored similar subjects. One other thing just jumps at you: Fucking photography. Featuring some of the most artistic and aesthetically beautiful scenes of the outback, this little rascal seems even stranger. And I just love this poster! It’s so beautifully drawn and it actually contains everything you need to know about the movie. 

Director: Russell Mulcahy

Writer: Peter Brennan, Everett De Roche

Cast: Gregory Harrison, Bill Kerr, Judy Morris, John Howard, John Ewart, Arkie Whiteley

Fun Facts: A full-sized, fully animatronic model razorback was built at a cost of $250,000 and is seen for only one second.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087981/

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