Red State is a second Kevin Smith movie that tackles the religion issue, and since Dogma was too awesome and Red State was also great, I only hope that in the future he will continue to make these “religious” movies. Also, Red State took a more serious approach to basically the same problem, and therefore it is a much more intense experience (and not so hilarious). Relying heavily on the dialog and the characters that are very realistic, its intensity gets even higher, as we think in our heads this might actually happen (and it did). By making a horror movie, wrapped in action and clever dialog, Smith is exploring a whole new side of his directing and writing skills. Still, there are a few laughs here, believe it or not, I guess he couldn’t help himself. Exploring cult leaders is something that I dabbled in also, but certainly not on this level, so if you are interested in stuff like this I strongly recommend Red State as the beginning of your quest.

A group of teenagers horny as hell, find online a offer that is too good to be refused, and by that I mean that some trailer trash is offering them sex. Thinking with their little heads they accept this and go on a sex date to her trailer. Next thing you know, they are drugged and imprisoned in what seems to be a secluded church. Scared for their lives, they soon meet their god as Abin Cooper, the charismatic leader of this cult convicts them of their sins. But, gods will will be soon altered as the FBI finds out about this little incident. As the FBI starts surrounding the church two sides will be facing a series of moral decisions that will test their faith in some unusual ways…

Director: Kevin Smith

Cast: Michael Angarano,John Goodman, Kevin Pollak Nicholas Braun, Ronnie Connell, Anna Gunn,

Fun Facts: The Westboro Baptist Church planned to protest Red State at its premier at the Sundance Film Festival. Kevin Smith in turn planned a counter protest which he and his fans took part in. At the premiere the counter-protesters heavily outweighed the handful of Westboro protesters who showed up. This occurred 12 years after Smith’s first film to tackle religious controversy, Dogma, drew protests from certain sects of the Catholic Church, one of which Smith jokingly took part in himself.


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