Directed by David Cronenberg (A History of Violence, The Fly, Naked Lunch) Scanners are now a cult movie that launched his career and got him out of the low-budget movie section and into an experimental horror department (but with a budget). This movie will also be remembered as a start the career of Michael Ironside, a lovable bad guy with an interesting scar by his eye (he got it by going through a plate glass door while drunk. He felt it could help him get interesting roles, so never had plastic surgery to correct it) as he plays Revok, insane scanner with destruction in his mind. One of the things that everybody will talk about when you mention this movie is the infamous head explosion, and yes it looked cool and was relatively groundbreaking for that period, and that’s it. If you have seen this movie while in your teens, I bet that you tried to scan someone immediately after it was over. I remember going around house trying to freak people out (I guess it worked since I stared at them with crazed look in my eyes) with my powers. While the general idea and the story are excellent and very creative, with vision, the script is pretty basic and even flat out dumb at times. Also directing is pretty much standard, with some TV movie shots, but the atmosphere is relatively good and leaves a lot of blanks spaces to be interpreted by viewers. While Patrick McGoohan and Michael Ironside were brilliant in their roles, the rest of the cast is pretty lame, especially our hero Stephen Lack (Lack for lacking acting skills) who looks like a moron with two braincells, one for walking and other for talking  and they cannot be active simultaneously…

Welcome to a world where an almost new species of humans exists, called Scanners. With a special ability to take control of another person’s central nervous system, they can be regarded as magnificent, very useful but also as great threat to a human race. Dr Ruth of the Consec corporation believed that they are the key to great things, and he lead the research on them. With one scanner actually working with him Ruth is ready to present his work to the public, but there the most powerful scanner of them all called Revok shows up and kills the presenter. Left with not many options, Ruth starts work with a new potential subject, an untrained scanner Cameron Vale. He is the only one who can stop Revok, and will he succeed is the question that will be answered if you check out this flick, enjoy…

Director: David Cronenberg

Cast: Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack, Patrick McGoohan, Lawrence Dane, Michael Ironside

Fun Facts: David Cronenberg once called this the most frustrating film he’d ever made. The film was rushed through production – filming had to begin without a finished script and end within roughly two months so the financing would qualify as a tax write-off, forcing Cronenberg to write and shoot at the same time. Cronenberg also cited difficulty with and antagonism between the leads, particularly Patrick McGoohan and Jennifer O’Neil


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