Slither [2006] Movie Review Recommendation

Slither [2006]

Another great movie that mixes horror and comedy genre, this time as an homage to all those super-cheesy but also very entertaining B movies from the eighties. slitherAnd this one has high production values, so expect great special effects of those slimy worms that you see in the poster. In back woods of a small and idyllic city in America a small meteor hit the ground. From it, something crawled out and later on infected one of the citizens who will soon start to turn all the others to blood hungry zombies. It is up to sheriff and small group of survivors to stop the impending doom. Gore check, humor check, great effects check, ok story check; I think that that’s it. However, Slither was a box office bomb and it almost undermined James Gunn’s career. He’s now directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and judging by the profits, he will be doing that a long time.

Very entertaining movie, that manages to be a little suspenseful at times, but still it keeps the cool action/comedy style. As always I could not stress enough the importance of not taking yourself seriously when making a movie like this. And if you need proof, you can find it right here, with Splinter, a movie made for fans by the fans. If there were more of the brutal/sexual scenes this would be a grindhouse classic, right among the Feast and Planet Terror, but the worm did not submerge itself on time in the bathtub scene, so this remained a great movie. If you liked Slither and want to jump immediately into something similar check out Splinter.

Director: James Gunn

Cast: Don Thompson, Nathan Fillion, Gregg Henry, Elizabeth Banks, Michael Rooker

Fun Facts: In the opening scene as they pan down the street, you can see “R.J. McCready’s Funeral Home”. R.J. McCready was Kurt Russell’s character in The Thing (1982).


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