A brilliant society satire regarding the upper class, I mean this is the stuff that dreams are made out of. societySociety is a bit abstract, but the message is clear, and in the grand finale you will find out what is it. Although some of you will not appreciate the graphic content (I mean when a poster for a movie is a head sticking from its ass, what can you expect), I think that this movie is still worth viewing. The shocking content is there to, well shock, but also to attract audiences to see a movie with a deeper message. And the fact it is from the eighties is only a plus, because it has that real, slimy and gritty feel to it. Also, this can be one of those movies that you “discover” and then pester your friends until they cave in and check it out.

A young boy living in Beverly hills is a model student, but he feels that something is wrong with his family and that he does not belong there. Trying to figure out what’s wrong he will uncover a giant conspiracy. This cult movie from Brian Yuzna is a classic piece of American cinematography, so if you are interested in seeing it you will not be disappointed. It combines good looking actors, awesome main story and that whole eighties/nineties money-look with some rather strange portrayal of society. It can be said that Society is a mystery/thriller up until the horror end. In these times when the gap between the wealthy and poor is ever increasing and with capitalism in its cut-throat and tribal form, you need something visually challenging to stir up those cogs in your head. Enjoy.

Director: Brian Yuzna

Cast: Billy Warlock, Connie Danese, Ben Slack, Evan Richards, Patrice Jennings, Tim Bartell, Devin DeVasquez

Fun Facts: Finished in 1989, but not released until 1992.


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0098354/

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  1. Paul Baines

    The special effects in Society are more than dated having been made in 1989 on a middle budget, the actors aren’t the greatest ever seen, but the plot as metaphor for the indulgences of a plutocracy has yet to be matched. This is one of a very few films that should be remade, absolutely top notch.


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