Can you base your movie on one hot female lead? The answer is yes, a definitive yes. A definitive yes combined with a huge boner. Natasha Henstridge was 21 when she made this movie and I am glad that she did. She is so hot, and the director knew that, so we are able to see her boobs every 5 minutes. After the human kind receives a message from outer space telling us how to change our DNA, the scientist get to work, and the result is Sil, a seemingly normal girl that happens to age faster than the normal humans. After seeing his creation go haywire the lead scientist (Ben Kingsley) decides to destroy her, but she escapes. He is forced to put together a team of specialist in order to catch her before she does more damage.

The creature was designed by H.R. Giger (Alien) and it reminds me of the Alien creature with some new weird stuff. The movie is entertaining, although it is not innovative or mind-blowing it still possesses enough quality (boobs) to be very watchable. With a great cast that consist of seasoned actors that are now far more famous than they were back then this movie thrives in that area, just look at young and thin Alfred Molina. Enjoy. Also if you liked the atmosphere of Species, you might wanna check out another science fiction movie with a similar story and atmosphere: Lifeforce.

Director: Roger Donaldson

Cast: Ben Kingsley, Michael Madsen, Alfred Molina, Forest Whitaker, Marg Helgenberger, Natasha Henstridge

Fun Fact: For the scene in which Sil is ‘born’ from the cocoon, the train set was built upside down. Natasha Henstridge, totally naked and covered in KY Jelly lubricant, was pushed through the cocoon, and the shot was flipped upside down afterwards, to achieve the effect of her falling out.


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  1. Yorik Schwarz

    Be totally honest… you wrote this review with your cock. Try watching it again when you’re not horny. 2 stars for this, one for Giger’s design, the other one for the ‘she can smell if someone has genetic defects’-idea.

  2. Zeka

    It is technically impossible for me to watch this movie and not get horny, thats the main purpose of it, an easygoing sexy sci-fi that you can watch when you wanna relax or “relax”, surely not even close to the classics but still worth watching…


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