Stake Land [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

Stake Land [2010]

Stake Land, huh, this budget mixture of The Road, Zombieland and other post-apocalyptic movies is pretty watchable. And don’t be fooled by the adrenaline filled bloodbath at the beginning of the movie, the rest of it pretty slow, but for fans of post-apocalyptic settings (they thrown in vampires and zombies to cover those fans also) it’s a nice little flick. Personally I think it borrowed too much from The Road, and that director could have added more action sequences since he’s so good at them, but I guess that would be asking too much. And why everybody wants to fuck the middle aged nun (maybe because she was in Top Gun?), I guess after the apocalypse you develop some unusual desires… Still, respect for all the anti-religious vibe that this movie has and with a pretty small budget it is quite interesting that they managed to create such realistic and gloomy locations.

After his family gets killed by zombpires (if you don’t know what are zombpires they are a mixture of zombies and vampires with best characteristic of both worlds) a young boy joins The Mister (who wrote the script for the flick, lol) who saved his life. This dynamic duo, will travel trough not so dynamic wasteland of America in search of New Edan, a mysterious place untouched by zombpires (I love this term). In this journey they will meet other tribes, have run ins with the Brotherhood (not Of The Steel, but apparently Aryan Brotherhood), a group of religious lunatics with some weird agenda. Will they find what they are looking for, and survive the perils is up to you to find out.

Director: Jim Mickle

Cast: Danielle Harris,  Connor Paolo, Nick Damici, Sean Nelson, Chance Kelly, Kelly McGillis

Fun facts: The film opened on one screen on 22 April 2011, and made $10,032 in its first week.


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