Well, George A. Romero is the director, what else to say. You just know it is going to be good. And this time we see that he tried to update the classical zombie flick using new technologies, just like in the Diary of The Dead. This went really badly with most of the viewers saying that this is one of his worst movies. I do agree that some of the things were unnecessary, but I do not agree that this is a bad movie. It’s really difficult situation to begin with, if we think about it. He made the zombie genre that took off and became something of a worldwide phenomenon. This inspired a lot of young directors and actors to present their vision of the genre adding and subtracting from it in endless search for the cure that we don’t want to find. Parallel to this process, George kept going with his vision of the whole zombie business. Survival of the Dead is his vision of the new zombie direction, an homage to an homage with a western boredom twist. 

Story is set on a island, where two rivaling families have different ideas about the undead. There is a moral choice, do we shoot the ones we loved and that were close to us before the accident, or do we keep them alive in hope that the cure will be found? And when you add to this a group of soldiers trying to find some quiet place to spend their remaining days the movie gets another layer. Special effects are excellent, bloody, gory and everything you would expect from the master. Enjoy…

Director: George A. Romero

Cast: Devon Bostick, Athena Karkanis, Kathleen Munroe, Julian Richings, Stefano DiMatteo

Fun Stuff: This will be Romero’s sixth ‘Dead’ film


IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1134854/

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