The Corridor [2010] Movie Review Recommendation

The Corridor [2010]

When I first saw the poster for this movie and read something about the story I thought: wait, what, is this Dreamcatcher? It would seem that the setting is same, a group of friends go up to the cabin in the woods in winter to relive the days of their teenage years. And while up to this point two movies are almost exactly alike, this is where The Corridor branches out into something more. Directed by Evan Kelly, this is a relatively small science fiction/horror movie, but still, effects did not suffer much from this, mainly because of the snow. Somehow every movie that has snow in it is good, and The Corridor is no exception. At times confusing and too complicated, it always maintains that creepy atmosphere, almost like the viewer is heavily sedated. Some people may find this boring, but for me it was a new experience and it added to the already strange vibe.

The Corridor PosterMovie begins with a rather strange scene of Tyler Crawley losing his mind. He is found by his three friends besides his dead mother, deranged and totally crazy. He attacks them, but they manage to fight him off and he is placed in an insane asylum. After some time, he is feeling better, drinking his medications and thinks it’s time to bond with his childhood friends. They all go up to the cabin that they spend their teenage years for a weekend of beer drinking and fun, but as you guessed it will be anything but that. Each of them is a different man with his own set of problems, and this will become painfully noticeable when Tyler finds a strange, unnatural barrier in the woods one morning…

Instead of classical storytelling, here everything and everyone are numb and dissociative, without judgment, the events are left up the viewer to interpret them. There are no usual camera angles for violent scenes, there is no special music, the bloodiest scene is shot and presented in the same way as any other shot in the movie. This dissociative style of directing is as refreshing as it is a bit dull, you simply have to be in that mood to enjoy in the movie fully…

Director: Evan Kelly

Writers: Josh MacDonald

Cast: Stephen Chambers, James Gilbert, Glen Matthews, Nigel Bennett, Mary-Colin Chisholm, David Patrick Flemming

Fun Facts: Winner, Best Screenplay – Austin Fantastic Fest


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