The Cottage [2008] Movie Review Recommendation

The Cottage [2008]

Now here’s a movie that looks like Three Stooges ended up inThe.Cottage.2008.DVDSCR.XVID.PUKKA Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s that type of horror/comedy movie with a British twist, like Severance or Shaun of the Dead. Set in a cottage, gloomy atmosphere and situations that go from bad to worse make for one hilarious viewing. The only problem is that the movie never ventures into deeper horror or comedy. It balances them with surprising ease, leaving us wondering what would happen if they decided to turn up the comedic (horror) aspect. These three numb-nuts are trying to get money by kidnapping a mafia boss’s stepdaughter. She turned out to be pretty feisty, and ran away holding one of the kidnaper’s as a hostage. The rest of the movie is up to you to discover.

There are a lot of jokes and quality gore, but the main problem is the story, heard a thousand times and used in a hundred movies. Not to mention disjointed storytelling. But, if you just wanna have some fun, check out The Cottage. It doesn’t try to be something else, knowing the limitations of the script and budget. It’s an honest movie and honesty goes a long way in horror movies. When you’re making a horror comedy set in one place, one of the most important elements is character development. And The Cottage nailed that. Acting is excellent, I especially liked Andy Serkis as tough guy. It’s sort of like an American horror movie done in Britain.

Director: Paul Andrew Williams

Cast: Andy Serkis, Reece Shearsmith, Jennifer Ellison, Steven O’Donnell, Dave Legeno

Fun Facts: According to director Williams, Tracey was originally written as a 40-year-old character but, to get the finance, he was told to cast someone young.


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