The Echo 2008 Movie Scene Jesse Bradford as Bobby Reynolds listening to strange sounds coming from the wall

The Echo [2008]

The Echo is a creepy, slow-burning horror featuring a story heard a thousand times before. If I have to watch another movie where someone moves into a new apartment and strange things start to happen, I’m going to start watching just cartoons. Still, I have to admit that I kind of like this familiar setting. You already know what’s going to happen, the only question is how they’re going to go about it. This is actually a remake of a 2004 Philippino movie titled Sigaw. I haven’t seen it, so I can’t really comment on how this version is different. It’s interesting that both movies have the same director, Yam Laranas.

The Echo is excellent at creating that uncomfortable feeling in your gut like something bad is going to happen. The atmosphere is suspenseful and creepy despite the somewhat predictable story. Probably because of great production values and special effects. This is a simple but effective movie that knows exactly what it wants. It’s not here to win any awards or anything like that but to give you a couple of scares and that’s it. You have to respect that kind of humble approach. What is most definitely not humble is the cinematography here. It’s got that sleek and appealing vibe about it with a saturated color palette. So, the visuals are pretty good, but what about the story?

Just released from prison, Bobby Reynolds decides to move into his mother’s apartment in a pretty rough part of town. She died while he was in prison and Bobby is still dealing with that when he starts hearing strange noises. This, however, is only the beginning of his troubles.

Featuring not just a story about mysterious events in a creepy apartment building, The Echo also explores the subject of alienation. Not just from a perspective of an ex-con but also from a perspective of a guy living in a big city.

The cast was pretty good with Jesse Bradford stealing the show as Bobby Reynolds. A lot of the atmosphere depended on his good performance. Especially when you consider the fact he will spend most of the movie trying to figure out what’s that noise he keeps hearing. And sticking fingers into holes in walls, something that you shouldn’t do ever. But fear will make you do stupid things. I also liked Amelia Warner here in her last movie role. Don’t worry she’s okay, she just married Jamie Dornan.

The supporting cast is also not too bad with a couple of familiar faces like Kevin Durand and Pruitt Taylor Vince. There’s one aspect of the story featured in The Echo that I simply cannot discuss. I think it would spoil your viewing pleasure but I assure you it’s very important and current. And I like that we’re shining a light on this issue. So, you will have to see the movie to find out what it is. Finally, if you’re looking for similar movies, I recommend you check out our Rabbit Reviews selection of Ghost Movies

Director: Yam Laranas

Writers: Eric Bernt, Shintaro Shimosawa, Yam Laranas

Cast: Hrant Alianak, Jamie Bloch, Jesse Bradford, Kevin Durand, Carlos Leon

Fun Facts: Iza Calzado (Gina) appeared in the original film Sigaw (2004), and returned for the remake, reprising her role.


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