Based on a story that was published in Playboy in 1957 (the following year it was turned into a movie The Fly starring magnificent Vincent Price), this movie is a remake of the 1958 version. With David Cronenberg as director this movie turned into something more experimental than people were expecting. This also shows the differences between different times and cultures in a thirty-year span. This version of the Fly is more gross and graphic, exploring different angles of such existence and the consequences caused by this process. Without CGI, effects in this movie are more, how to put it, real and in your face, there are some really gory and twisted scenes. Also this is a time that Jeff Goldblum looked really muscular, opposed to his clumsy scientist character that he usually portrayed later in his career.

Seth Brundle is a brilliant scientist on a brink of discovering a way to transport matter using a kind of a teleportation device. He’s approached (or she was approached) by a journalist Veronica Quaife (quiff, lol) interested in this invention that, if successful, will change the way of life on Earth. So far Seth was able to teleport inanimate objects, but his first experiment with live subjects goes horribly wrong. This process of trial and error is followed with growing relationship between Seth and Veronica. Soon he will succeed in his efforts to teleport living objects, and as a brilliant scientist he will test out this technique on himself. But something will go wrong, terribly wrong. You can watch this movie on several levels, as a classical horror creature movie, or as a love story and finally at the end a story of science and new and threating previous lifestyles. Enjoy.

Director: David Cronenberg

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Geena Davis, John Getz, Joy Boushel, George Chuvalo, Joy Boushel

Fun Facts: Several sequences were filmed but cut from the final release, including: a sequence where Brundle sends a cat and the surviving baboon through the telepods, resulting in a mutated creature he beats to death with a pipe; a scene where Brundle climbs the outside of his building as an insect limb emerges from his side; and an alternate ending in which Veronica has another dream of her unborn child, this time as a baby with beautiful butterfly wings.


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