The Forgotten [2004] Movie Review Recommendation

The Forgotten [2004]

Starring Julianne Moore, The Forgotten centers on a grieving mother that lost her child in a plane accident and just can’t get over the tragedy. Slowly she will notice that her son is less and less mentioned and present in her life. When his photos start to disappear and everyone starts convincing her that she never had a son, she will have to fight to find out the truth. I remember one scene from this flick very vividly after all these years, it really shook me, and after you see the flick you will know what that scene is, it is fucking awesome. Although, the years have passed and now this gimmick is rather popular in Hollywood.

Just think of The Forgotten as the new TV series with just one episode. Perhaps this is an X Files spin-off, we just don’t know. Joking aside, it really does have that vibe, story-wise. Cinematography and everything else is done by the book and you will be able to enjoy in great shots and steady pacing. The mystery surrounding the “missing child” will keep you interested and the narrative unfolds as it should be unfolding. This formulaic and by-the-book approach may guarantee that your film won’t suck but it also guarantees that it won’t great either. I feel that the issue of memory lost and amnesia could be used in a more philosophical way, giving some depth to the movie. What’s done is done and The Forgotten is actually a really good thriller with some science fiction elements, reminiscent of the nineties conspiracy theories.

Director: Joseph Ruben

Cast: Julianne Moore, Anthony Edwards, Linus Roache, Gary Sinise, Dominic West

Fun Stuff: Nicole Kidman was originally attached to star.


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