The New Daughter [2009] Movie Review Recommendation

The New Daughter [2009]

This combination of a horror and thriller flick is something that you can watch when you run out of really good movies. Acting was pretty lame, especially Kevin Costner was very boring, he looked like he has smoked a big ass joint and then bummed out about the movie. The script resembles Tommyknockers with the addition of the creepy teen part, and it is stretched out from the short story by John Connolly. So, James family, consisting of father and two children, moves to a remote farm hoping for a new start. But when they discover a strange mound near their house things will start to look anything but good. The mixture of old Indian legends, creepy kids and fathers with difficult choices is entertaining for one viewing, because of the weird atmosphere and vibe that can be only achieved in a remote house.  Enjoy.

Director: Luis Berdejo

Cast: Kevin Costner, Ivana Baquero, Gattlin Griffith, Samantha Mathis, Noah Taylor

Fun Stuff: Things we learned from the movie:

1) It’s more than alright to break into someone else’s home and look through their things.. as long as they don’t catch you doing so.
2) Letting my children “explore” an unknown area while I sleep in a chair, IS a good idea.
3) Don’t worry about telling the children to be home before it gets dark unless they’ve already done it a few times.
4) If you’re an officer of the law, and believe that you just hit someone or something with your car and are in that car with a potential suspect, just hang out the window instead of checking to see if you just hit one of the children that live on that property.
5) If you are said officer, and a flesh eating zombie grabs hold of you, dont worry about ever once reaching for your gun. Maybe he’ll just decide he’s not that hungry after all.
6) When there are flesh eating zombies breaking into your house and you have to go look for your child, just leave the other child in a little blanket tent even though theres a door in (at least) one room that leads to the inside of the walls. Because you know, zombies (or whatever the heck they were) can’t get through blankets.
7) Dads aren’t as good at parenting as “slut” moms.
8) When the ugliest girl in school tells me I’m in her seat I should apologize right away and move as quickly as I can.
9) Leaving my children with someone I’ve never met is alright as long as someone I hardly know recommended them.
10) All 200 year old ladies are great baby sitters so we should trust them.
11) Bring more ammo than just a handful when rescuing your child!!!!
12) If your daughter isn’t normal, hell, burn the house down.


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