The Reaping [2007] Movie Review Recommendation

The Reaping [2007]

Hilary Swank stars in this horror movie that basesreaping_ver7 itself on a biblical prophecy of plagues that eventually destroy mankind. Big budget allowed that the plagues be portrayed quite realistically, so expect some scary and visually impressive special effects of these things. Acting was okay, Stephen Rea surprised me by appearing in this movie, I thought that he is much more uptight about genres. The same goes for Morrissey, Swank and Elba. The Reaping is not a great movie, but one of those that you will check out and be mildly entertained. The first half was actually pretty decent, setting that mysterious mood with impressive cinematography and special effects. However, the second half highlights all the ridiculousness of the story.

Kathrene and Ben are investigators of the paranormal. They specialize in debunking religious miracles and their latest assignment took them to Chile. A priests’ body seems to be preserved in pristine condition after his death and they soon discover that the reason behind this is a toxin. However, their next case proves to be much more difficult. It starts with a river turned completely red…

The concept of paranormal investigators debunking myths reminded me of James Randy (check out An Honest Liar), a magician who then started demonstrated techniques used by both religious organizations and hustlers to money or influence from their followers. Red Lights, a movie shot five years later also features a similar story-line. This is the only redeeming value of the story. You can see what they were trying to do: make a movie with a religious subject and special effects portraying various plagues. The CGI was already pretty much cheap and effective, so they gathered a bunch of good actors and threw them in the mix. The man who directed this, Stephen Hopkins was the final piece of the puzzle, although the script left him constrained, especially if you compare this movie to some of his earlier work (Predator 2, Judgment Night, The Ghost and the Darkness, Lost in Space)

Director: Stephen Hopkins

Cast: Hilary Swank, David Morrissey, Stephen Rea, David Jensen, Burgess Jenkinsm Jillian Batherson

Fun Facts: Filming in Louisiana was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina.


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